The redefinition of tourism in the Călărași region

      Friday, on 4th of December 2015, the Crafts Museum „Casa Părintească” located in the village of Palanca (Călărași) hosted a special event. Specifically, it was a conference focusing on culinary heritage and tourism potential of the Călărași area. The conference was meant to list the results of the project „Culinary routes – registration and promotion of local products in the Calarasi district”. Thus, public authorities together with local producers, craftsmen and several initiative groups fromCalarasiregion gathered to discuss the opportunities, challenges and the results of the local and regional collaboration in what concerns the promotion of the culinary heritage of Călărași area and its including in the tourism development.

     The conference was completed by an unusual expo-fair of traditional food, handicrafts, Christmas decorations and gifts. Here visitors had the opportunity to participate in a master-class of knitting, to buy toys, decorations and authentic Christmas tree ornaments and other handicrafts and traditional local products: roses petal jams, bee products, herbal teas, mulled wine, cakes and sweets . This diversity of local products and craft decorations was made possible through the participation of craftsmen Eugenia Moldovanu and BostanValeriu from Bălți, Gheorghe Drumea – master shoveler from Leordoaia, Nina Djos – puppet master from Chișinău. The wonderful bread was brought by the Peticeni and Hegemon-group bakeries, while „DulcePlai” from Ungheni, the Canned Factory from Călărași and the „House of Honey ” from Răciula dazzled everybody with their sweet tasty products. „Casa Părintească” came to the fair with the best tea, dried fruits and aromatic wines, while the beverage factory from Nimoreni enchanted all the participants with their flavoured brandy.

     The event from the „Casa Părintească” Craft Museum was organized within the project project “Culinary routes – registration and promotion of local products in the Călărași district” financed by Polish Development Cooperation Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, implemented by the Development Policy Foundationand its partners in Moldova: Ecological Movement of Moldova and „Casa Părintească” Craft Museum. You can find more details about this project by visiting this link:…/ or