Launching two unique tourist routes in Călărași

      On 19th of September 2015, within the project « Moldavian Culinary Routes – Registration and Promotion of Local and Regional Products from Călărași District » financed by Polish development cooperation programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, the village of Palanca hosted an event that gave start to a new tradition for Moldova – creating culinary trails, for all those wishing to explore the beautiful areas of the country and to discover the Moldavian culinary heritage. After several months of hard work, at Casa Parinteasca from Palanca, was inaugurated the first village rent a bike service from Moldova.

     First, in an old building from the Casa Parinteasca were made construction works to prepare the place for the renting service. Later, the service was equipped with bikes, helmets, fluorescent vests, instruments and other necessary elements for the renting. Besides the services, there were identified and marqued 2 trails on a distance of over 30 kilometers each. There were installed information boards and was developed a mobile application that can be downloaded for free, and where visitors and tourists can learn more about the local tourism attractions.The launched tourist routes combine trails through protected areas, fields and orchards, local and national roads that lead to numerous attractions and tourist stops. The main idea of the initiative is not only to show the tourism attractions, but also to promote the regional and local culinary traditions.

     At the inauguration event were present representatives of local public authorities from the Calarasi District Council, Hirajuca city hall as well as representatives from the Tourism Agency of the Republic of Moldova, journalists and of course local producers who had the chance to promote their products.