“Moldovian Culinary Routes: micro­investments, promotion, registration” project

The project aims to offer further organisational and legal support for producers registering regional products as Geographic Indicators, and extension of tourism and regional processing capacity in Călărași region.

The project applicant is the Policy Development Foundation, and its implementation is ensured by the finnacial support of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the Polish Development Aid. Also, the Policy Development Foundation works in cooperation with partners: Ecological Movement of Moldova, „Casa Părintească” and LGD „Vistula Terra Culmensis – Development through Tradition” from Stolno, PL.

There are planned several activities in order to ensure the succes of the project:

1. Extension of biking and culinary rutes in Calarasi region (Palanca)

2. Setting up a community kitchen: adaptation of premises and equipment (Palanca)

3. Study visit to Poland ((Lower Vistula Valley and part of the training – Warsaw, 5 days, 7 participants from Moldova)

4. Promotion event: Inauguration of the extented culinary routes (Palanca, 2 days)

5. Ending conference & Christmas Fair (Palanca, 2 days, 40 participants)

This year, the project will support local products registration as Geographical Indications in the European Union, following the success of the previous project in 2015. Under the last project, there were registered Moldovan the first culinary products at national level (others than wine): pricot palinka (Rachiu de caise de Nimoreni) and Calarasi Roses petal jam (Dulceata din petale de trandafir Calarasi) as Regional Products paved the way for the registration of other agricultural manufacturing products in Moldova.

In addition, the bike routes will be expanded, and the establishment of a community kitchen will provide a creative workspace for local producers near the village of Palanca. The local community will be included in the co-creation of tourism-based cycling routes and tastings of local products.

The success of this consecutive project will consist of creation of a regional brand, which will increase the potential of promotional products, and consequently, will promote the region as a place of culinary heritage.

We invite you to watch the progress of the project at the links below:



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