”Climate changes – from awareness to action”

The project purpose:

Reducing the impact of human activities on climate change at the local level through information, awareness and specific activities.

The project aimed to increase public awareness and achieve greater involvement in public environmental key-problems in Moldova, improving the NGOs network and building the NGOs capacity for a better approach of environmental challenges. The project was implemented in district centers and mobilized the society members and other stakeholders in the community to take part in the project.

This project contributed to the implementation of the Action Plan and the National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change of Moldova, “Objective 1: Improve management and proliferation of information on the risks associated with disasters and climate in Moldova.”

The project objectives:

1. Increasing awareness of the local authorities, NGOs, bussiness agents and local people;

2. Increasing public actions to reduce and prevent climate change;

3. Improving the quality of education on the environment and climate change (ecological hours in schools on climate change);

4. Enhancing partnerships between non-governmental, local authorities and the private sector to protect the environment through local prevention, mitigation and combating climate change phenomena.

Project implementation period – 15 June 2013 to 15 April 2014

Project budget: 19 100 EUR

The project was financed from national grants program offered by REC DISTRICT Budapest for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Moldova to promote environmental protection and sustainable development.