Natural heritage explained to pupils from the cultural-natural reserve “Orheiul Vechi”

During 9th-16th of November 2017, the Ecological Movement from Moldova carried out an information campaign in several schools from settlements belonging to the area of ​​the cultural-natural reserve “Orheiul Vechi”. The campaign aimed to promote the animal diversity of this region and the natural habitats in the area, focusing on the importance of biodiversity as a natural heritage and tourist attraction.

During the classes, the pupils aged between 11-18 years from several villages (Ivancea, Furceni, Susleni, Trebujeni, Piatra, Marcauti, Mașcuți, Molovata, Holercani and Orhei) learned more about the animals living on the territory of Orheiul Vechi (reptiles, amphibians, birds) and they found out new things about their life style and behavior (migration, feeding, nesting). The children also evaluated the ecotourism potential of the cultural-natural reserve „Orheiul Vechi” by enumerating the types of outdoor activities this area can host: hiking, climbing, paragliding, cycling, birdwatching, canoeing, photography lessons and painting, festivals of folk music and gastronomy, yoga practices and meditation, etc. Last but not least, students reflected on the role a community has in protecting a landscape, and developed the idea of ​​a “responsible community” by bringing specific examples: tree planting, discouraging poaching, leaf burning, garbage disposal and impeding initiatives to exploit natural resources.

At the end of these classes, the 700 participating pupils wre more informed regarding the animal biodiversity of the area in which they live, became aware of the need to protect animal species and conserve habitats, and understood that their natural heritage can be attractive to various categories of tourists.

The information campaign will continue in schools from Trebujeni, Măşcăuţi, Holercani and Orhei between November 15-16, offering all pupils from the cultural-natural reserve “Orheiul Vechi” the opportunity to learn new things about the animal biodiversity and the role of the natural landscape.

The classes “Animal Biodiversity of the Natural-Cultural Reserve” Orheiul Vechi “are organized within the project “Responsible Community – Conserved Terrestrial Landscape “, carried out by the Ecological Movement from Moldova with the support of the GEF Small Grants Program implemented by UNDP. and addresses the issue of preserving the terrestrial landscape at community and national level.