EMPOWERING ECO-EDUCATION. Skills and experiences for nature interpretation

The goal of the project is to generate understanding and active participation of youth and teachers from the pilot area for the capitalization of natural and cultural heritage of the Orheiul Vechi Reserve and of its surroundings.

Objective 1: Build competences of local youth about nature and heritage interpretation;

Objective 2: Increase knowledge and participation of youth in the promotion activities of the Orheiul Vechi Reserve and of its surrounding;

Objective 3: Consolidate the network of teachers from the Orheiul Vechi Reserve area and its surroundings and increase their opportunities for the applying of experiential learning activities together with their typical indoor classes.

The proposed project will involve 10 schools from the Orheiul Vechi cultural-natural Reserve area and its surroundings. In each school there will be teachers – local coordinators of the project – in charge of organizing activities at local level with active youth participation.

Following activities are planned to be implemented:

1. Capacity building trainings for teachers

Training #1 on capitalization of natural and cultural heritage through active youth participation. Eco-clubs creation. Project initiation.

More pictures from the training here

Training #2 on fundraising and projects writing

2. Nature and heritage interpretation training for pupils from the 10 schools 

Pictures from trainings

3. Field trips in the Orheiul Vechi Reserve’s area

Pictures from the Orheiul Vechi Exhibition Centre excursions

Pictures from the hiking activities

4. Creative contest for the best interpretation message about the Orheiul Vechi Reserve

Winning artworks

Pictures from the awarding ceremony

Prizes for all participants 

5. Summer camp

Pictures from the summer camp

6. Service projects grants. Schools that will participate in the project will have the opportunity to participate in a small grants competition. All project beneficiaries will be invited to write a simple project proposal for the implementation of one of the following activities: fairs, conferences, exhibitions, cleaning-up activities, creation of promotional materials or other relevant activities related to the capitalization of the cultural and natural resources in the area of the Orheiul Vechi Reserve and of its surroundings.

7. Mass-media campaign. In order to make visible the project’s activities there will be held a mass-media campaign, including articles in print and online press, radio and social media.

Radio programmes:

Radio EcoFM, Interview with Elena Scobioala, project coordinator. Radio programme “Intre Da si Nu” on 03.04.2019

Radio Moldova. Interview with Elena Scobioală, project coordinator. Radio programme “Matinal de week-end” on 18.05.2019 

Radio Moldova, Interview with Elena Scobioală, project coordinator. Radio programme ”Matinal de week-end” on 11.08.2019



Natura.Publicație de ecologie, turism și cultură, August 2019



Period of project implementation: March – November 2019

Donnor: US Forest Service

Project budget: 30 850,00 US$ (of which 25 750,00 US$  US Forest Service contribution, 5 150,00 US$ contribution of the Ecological Movement of Moldova and of its partners)